A Specification of Food Manufacture

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Food Quality with Retail Management

Module Title:
Food Processing, Preservation and Packaging
Assignment Title:
A Specification of Food Manufacture

Module Tutors: Tan Feng, Lorna White

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Date of submitted: 1st March

1.0 Introduction3
2.0 The composition and characteristics of yogurt4
2.1 My opinion on judgments of the yogurt quality4
3.0 The evaluation of raw material with description and justification of food ingredient4
3.1 The identification of packaging material and describe the forming process of the container6
4.0 The flowchart of food processing and packaging7
4.1 The description of the objectives and manipulations of each section and relatives principles7
5.0 Three quality issues11
6.0 The limitation of yogurt and the scheme of product13

This report is going to make a whole process summarization and analysis of yogurt processing, packaging and preservation. In the first, the report generally describes the development situation of yogurt and introduces the Yili yogurt approximately. Then, the report starts to make analysis about yogurt in many sections, including the composition and characteristics of yogurt by sensory analysis, the judgments of yogurt quality according to standard, the evaluation of raw material with description and justification of food ingredient (including raw milk, lactic acid bacteria, Food Additives, nutrition and so on), identify the packaging material and the description of the forming process of container, the flowchart of both yogurt processing and packaging (the objectives and manipulations of each section will be described step by step). After that, there are three quality issues are put forward to be solved, incompletely fermented of yogurt, wrong preservation ways and packaging problems. Finally, there is going to come up with a reformation of Yili yogurt and give some advices.

1.0 Introduction
Over the past decade, the milk industry have rapid advance in China. Per capita consumption of milk had increased from few kilograms to dozens of kilograms. Milk product already become an inevitable nutritious foods, and it is closely bound up with and inseparable with man's life. As main manufacturers in China, Yili occupy the dominant position because of its excellent brand and wide product line. Yogurt is the fastest growing milk product for nearly three years relies on the many available varieties, good flavor and elegant packaging. The manufacture of yogurt is a complex process, it is affected by various factors in many sections, such as processing, packaging and preservation. The enterprise may come up against problems in product process, so how to avoid the emergency quality issue is an important point for enterprise. (Yao, Y, C. 2009)

2.0 The composition and characteristics of yogurt
The packaging of Yili yogurt is plastic, people can drink it by riving the cover of yogurt. The appearance of yogurt is white viscous liquid with fragrance. Yogurt is opacity of transparent liquids and absence of particles of visible size. The taste of yogurt is cool, sweet and a little sour.

2.1 My opinion on judgments of the yogurt quality
According to government standard, there are some hygienic indexes to judge the quality of yogurt, such as the content of nitrate and nitrite, the content of benzoic acid, sorbic acid and melamine. All the indexes of Yili yogurt reach the government standard, and the yogurt need constant refrigeration in the transport process. The storage temperature of yogurt is between 2-6℃. The shelf life of yogurt is three weeks, it would cause harm to human body when it is out of date. The packaging of yogurt must be sealed and the yogurt should be thrown away if its packaging is broken.

3.0 The evaluation of raw material...

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