A Spanish Critique of New World Conquest

Topics: Christianity, Spain, Christopher Columbus Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: October 22, 2014

A Spanish Critique of New World Conquest
1. By Bartolome writing these accounts about God and his passions he wanted for people to get along deaths where uprising and countries where getting whipped out. He used God because God is the ruler and the one so by using his name people would listen. Bartolome would use real facts and tell how horrible people were for example the island of Hispaniola once stood at three million people, today only two hundred people survived. The Island was almost completely whipped out also they would treat the people like animals and murdering them. Bartolome just wanted peace between the countries. 2. Comparisons that between the old Spain and the new Spain is till this day they still study the Catholic religion and god and his morals. Also the Spaniards still do nothing to save tear the natives to shreds, murder them, and inflict upon them untold misery, suffering and distress, tormenting, harrying, and persecuting them mercilessly. Lastly the Spaniards show no interest in the Christians because the Christians murdered a vast amount of Catholic’s treating them like animals. Indigenous peoples and the Europeans also have similar comparisons that neither of did not harm each other and also have a large amount of Native Americans. 3. On page 281 the engraving shows a lady and Christian the Christian appears to not approve over the lady but doesn’t do anything. The passage on 283 tells if anyone stepped out of line that they would treat them like animals and disapprove them. Also they wouldn’t be called a Christian for acting in such manor. Being a Christian you have roles and morals to live by if you can’t obtain those rules or morals you can’t be considered a Christian and for that reasoning you are treated like an animal. From the passage on 283 and the engraving on 281 are different and don’t not comparer on the morals.
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