A Space Odyssey and The Sentinel

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“2001: A Space Odyssey” and “The Sentinel”
Compare / Contrast Paper
DeVry University
Sandy Palladino

Inside the pages of a book, authors can make phenomenal visual pictures of zones and scenes by using included and realistic words. Once in a while these pictures are moved into a real visual by the consequent formation of movies based upon these incredible works. "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick is a sample of, for example, it is based upon the artistic short story, "The Sentinel" by Arthur C. Clarke. Kubrick has made an incredible showing with creating the first short story by joining together music with visual pictures path before now is the ideal time. The film permits its viewers to see the first short story told by Clarke, innovatively extended and expounded upon in correlation with incredible subtle element. "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) has been called, "The most tremendous vision without bounds," and "Frightfully correct and wild with anticipation" (Nashawaty, 2011). It is an epic sci-fi film focused around the short story, "The Sentinel" (1951), created by Arthur C Clarke. Taking a gander at the nonconcrete work from Clarke, to the totally clarified film by Kubrick, it may be said that there is just about no likenesses. Kubrick has evaluated how to structure Clark's arrangements into an epic movie that must be seen to be totally recognized considering the time period in which the film was made. "The Sentinel" was a short story made in 1951, former the first landing on the moon. The story begins in the time of 1996, with a farmland try on the moon. Amid the undertaking the wayfarers find a pyramid-molded question that was deserted by a progressed civilization numerous years earlier. After numerous unsuccessful endeavors at infiltrating the article, they at long last discover accomplishment with a nuclear blast that stops a transmitting sign. The story is left uncertain with the inclination that the obscure race that set the article there will now be wanting them. “The Sentinel” has been developed using a first person perspective, which gives the reader a sense of what the characters are feeling as they make their discoveries. Clarke expresses his visions with very detailed descriptions. For instance, the Mare Crisium is depicted as "The Sea of Crises" - the extraordinary walled plain, one of the finest on the moon, three hundred miles in breadth, and just about totally encompassed by a ring of radiant mountains” (Roberts, G.G., 2003). These specific unpretentious components give the peruser a point by point vision of what it is like on the moon. The depiction of the first sight of the outsider curio has been depicted as "a dimensionless purpose of light, as though a star had been torn from the sky by one of those remorseless tops, and I envisioned that some smooth rock surface was finding the daylight and heliographing it straight at me" (Roberts, G.G., 2003). Clarke has done an amazing job of giving his readers a clear vision and understanding which helps to secure the main theme of the story. In “The Sentinel”, one of the major themes of the story was about first contact with another life form. While the astronauts were exploring Mare Crisium on the moon, they happened upon a reflecting object high atop of a ridge. They climbed the edge just to find a pyramid-molded item with an energy field around it keeping the space explorers from arriving at it. After twenty years the force field is finally breached with an atomic blast. The realization then comes that mankind has now developed their intelligence with the use of technology in order to travel to the moon and penetrate the force field of the alien transmitter. This information would be used to alert the superior race who placed the object there so many years before, that humans were now of interest. Mankind has proved that they are capable of harnessing the power of technological developments to their advantage...
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