A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury: A Summary and Analysis

Topics: Science fiction, Fiction, Ray Bradbury Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Mario Torres
Ms. Garcia
Advanced English 8
October 13,2009
Literary Analysis Paragraph In the short story “A Sound Of Thunder”, Ray Bradbury uses foreshadowing to show the importance and delicacy of time and how fragile the flow of things really is. Foreshadowing is seen mostly in the instances where the character Eckels is involved. An example is when Travis tells Eckels: “Anything happens to you, we’re not responsible. These dinosaurs are hungry.” This gives the reader a hint that something will happen to Eckels. Another example is when Travis tells Eckels: “There’s no way of telling if this expedition was a success, if we got our monster, or whether all of us, meaning you Mr. Eckels- got out alive.” This also foreshadows the death of eckels again and questions the fact whether Eckels will return alive. Eckels life is questioned yet again when Travis realizes that he stepped off the path and tells him: “I’m warning you eckels, I might Kill you yet, I’ve got my gun ready.” When they get back from the time travel, the safari realizes that everything has changed because Eckels had stepped on a butterfly, and this shows how even the most fragile of things can have a large impact, especially in this example of time traveling. This also shows how time is a very delicate thing, and is represented with the butterfly. All of the foreshadowing eventually leads to the death of eckels because of how he had disrupted the flow of things, or time.
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