A Slaughterhouse for Horses

Topics: Slaughterhouse, Horse, Death Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Title: Smile of a Place of Horror
Lead: Once lived a horse, weak bones and weary eyes of anyone who came to close to him, this was all that was left of the horse’s body and spirit. Bridge: This horse is part of millions of horses whose owners are affected by current economic times or times of troubling weather, such as a drought. Because of these variables the costs to feed these animals has substantially increased. Horses are found extremely malnourished, starving, or sometimes completely abandoned. Thesis:The decision to eradicate unwanted horses through a kill shelter, or slaughterhouse rather than to let them suffer is a major topic in society today. Letting an animal suffer compared to euthanizing them boils down to the individuals’ morals. Body Paragraph Counter- Argument

Topic Sentence: There are many shelters publicly funded for unwanted horses to go to instead of slaughter houses. Quote:“So called “no-kill” or “turn away” shelters gave the luxury of not euthanizing animals because they turn away needy ones whom they know are unadoptable” (Jackson 1). Commentary: These shelters give some of the animals hope.

Closing Sentence: However, there isn’t enough of these “shelters” to support the excessive amount of horses. Body Paragraph 2
Topic Sentence: Over-breeding is a major reason how the un-wanted, neglected horse issue has contrived in current times. Quote: According to Lori Tankel, as a horse-rescue owner says, “overbreeding is the “real problem”. “ Commentary: An excess of horses is created when there is loss of control of reproduction that occurs in horse ranches nation-wide. Quote: Tankel continues, “When slaughterhouses closed, prices dropped suddenly a horse that once fetched $1,000 might be worth $250 now”. Commentary: When there is an excess amount of horses, because of overbreeding and with slaughterhouses closing, there isn’t anywhere these animals can go. Closing Sentence: The opening or closing of slaughterhouses not only effects the...
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