A Skeleton in the Closet

Topics: 19th century, Secret, Truth Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: October 13, 2013
John had accomplished a lot of things in his life, a lot more than some people can even imagine. Although his biggest ambition was to get a job after completing studies at the university, life has offered him numerous opportunities that eventually got him to mayor’s chair. Everything about him seemed perfect; he was a successful mayor who had his own family nest, a faithful life companion and three wonderful daughters. Yes, that is how the story looked on the outside but there was much more to it and as days passed John’s concerns grew more and more. He had a secret that made him breath harder, a secret that could make his heart beat as if it was about to pop out of his chest and sometimes he felt like it climbed up all the way to his throat and he could hear almost nothing but the hearth beats reverberating in his ears. His shivering hand would chase for the sweat drops rolling down his tanned forehead with a handkerchief that was already soaked with that salty fluid that seemed like it will never dry up. The burden of the secret made him see everyone as sinister nark embosoming him during every step he makes. His eyes tirelessly beheld everything surrounding him making sure that the truth is still buried deep in the ground. But the truth was still there and the ground could just throw it up and it would be as if the volcano is expelling the glowing lava which eradicates everything that shows up on its way. John had this picture hovering through his head and fear that the only remnant left from everything he has built till now would be ash… Yes, he has a skeleton in the closet; a secret source of shame which could have terrifying consequences if revealed. No wonder John gets so anxious about it and diligent in his effort to conceal it. The proverb was coined in the 19th century in England and it is used to describe situation such as the one John is facing. So, my dear friends, I hope you don’t have a skeleton in the closet…

During my childhood...
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