A Short Paragraph

Topics: Apostrophe, Debut albums Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: November 2, 2008
Sashika agreed with a sigh. She had no other option since his blood was slowly wearing off and her thirst was building up again. She knew that if his blood wears off and there was nothing to replace it, something's bad going to happen. She followed his eyes while he was riffling through the crowd where her eyes stopped at the same man. She gulped as she continued to stare. And while he was pulling her eyes wouldn't set off of the man till Hiroshi grabbed her attention again. "Hai..be careful Hiroshi" She gave a smile just as she noticed his. To be honest she still didn't want to do this. Her smile faded as she watched him go. She took steps backwards till she hit a wall. She looked down on her feet as she wrapped herself with her arms to keep cool while patiently waiting for his return. Her anxiousness grew by every second went past. She straightened up once she heard his footsteps approaching. She stayed at her spot, not moving a muscle except her eyes. Bit her lips while she watched Hiroshi leaving the man and walking towards her, gave her a sigh of relief but she was still uncomfortable. Besides she didn't know how to bite yet alone haunt someone. She relied on Hiroshi a little bit too much. But she knew she ought to do this one day alone. She took his advice and dawdled languidly to the man. As she approached him, she bent down till their heads met. She took a deep breath as she took her pockter knife out making sure Hiroshi can't see it. And as she leaned forward pretending she was going it for a bite she made a small cut on his neck, hid the knife in her sleeve and began on drinking his blood.
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