A Short Paper on Culture of Pakistan

Topics: Sindh, Pakistan, Afghanistan Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: September 20, 2011

CULTURE CAN BE DEFINED AS ALL THE WAYS OF LIFE INCLUDING ARTS, BELIEFS AND INSTITUTIONS OF A POPULATION THAT ARE PASSED DOWN FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION. CULTURE HAS BEEN CALLED "THE WAY OF LIFE FOR AN ENTIRE SOCIETY. AS SUCH, IT INCLUDES CODES OF MANNERS, DRESS, LANGUAGE, RELIGION, RITUALS, NORMS OF BEHAVIOR SUCH AS LAW AND MORALITY AND SYSTEMS OF BELIEF AS WELL AS THE ART. Culture is the sum total of the customs, traditions, believes, rituals, mythology, economic and political realities and all such other factors which affect the lives of a people in a particular area and determine their social behavior. Culture of a people is a dynamic entity, it absorbs socio-political influences but, takes a long time before the changes are noticeable on a community. As an example the effects of the Mughal era, and the effects of the British may be studied. Specific changes in these periods were noticeable in language, dress, customs, music and drama well after the establishment of these rules. It is a unique phenomenon that the influences in this subcontinent influenced the upper and the middle classes and the Urban elites. The culture of the rural communities seems to have retained its style for millenniums. The beginning of culture is considered to be from the times when the humans acquired the capability of gathering food in such quantity which was more than the consumption of one individual and could be shared. This sharing became the basis of relationship. When human capabilities grew further then communities developed and the basis of "civilization" was formed. Communities evolved and learned to share available resources with each other and live in peace. The civilization evolved from the basis of culture and peaceful co-existence. Sharing of resources and products became the core factors. The notable traits of the culture of this land have been consistent from the...
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