A Short History of Payam-E Noor University

Topics: Education, Higher education, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: December 10, 2010
A Short History of Payam-e Noor University[1]
Payam-e Noor University is a long-distance mega university and open college, whose name means "The message of Light" in Persian. It was established by decisions based on the meetings (No. 94 & 97) dated 27/8/65 and 25/9/65 by SCCR (Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran) and actually accepted the first group of students in Mehr 1367 (September 1987). After the founding of the university, it began its educational activities by accepting the first group of students in five branches and in the remaining 28 centers of the University of Abu Rayhan and Iran Free University. The development of new branches and departments came from the people and local aids and provided by the board founder. One of the pillars of the scientific development of the country is expanding education, which result social development along with the blossoming of talents, and prepare human creativities. Conventional and current training alone is not sufficient to establish this important point. So new methods of education and training programs, such as training contents, open, remote or virtual education, to achieve development objectives, is necessary. Training contents educational is a system, which, with the use of educational technology, textbooks tutorial and student-centered learning, reduces student necessity to attend classes and courses. In fact, in this type of training, taught classes can be effectively replaced with revisal over the course and troubleshoot classes. Advantages of this system consists of student-centered teaching, possibility of independent study, comprehensive coverage, offering courses in less time in terms of student attendance and, consequently, reduced costs and less dependence on the educational requirements than traditional methods, and yet , effectiveness of Training. The most important purpose and meaning of open training is reducing barriers related to limitations of time and space in conventional...
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