A Sense of Urgency

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A Sense of Urgency
Jay Mullens
EDL 640 – The Executive Educator
Western Illinois University

A Sense of Urgency
In Kotter’s book, A Sense of Urgency, Kotter argued how effective leaders must impart a sense of urgency in order for their institute to continue to develop in a positive manner. When this attitude is infused throughout the complete association, the opportunity for contentment and false urgency is lessened. Kotter states on page 1 in the opening paragraph, “A sense of urgency is important, of course, complacency is a disaster these days. But complacency is a relative minor issue for us. Better execution of our innovation initiative is our challenge.” If employees can grasp this concept of better execution and realize Kotter’s philosophy, urgency will become the product.

The four basic traits that Kotter believes will escalate urgency in an organization are as follows: * Tactic #1 – Bring outside in: A leader cannot rely on insiders alone. On page 63, Kotter explains, “The disconnect between what insiders see, feel, and think, on one the hand, and external opportunities and hazards, on the other, can be astonishing at times – even in organizations that are producing very good short term results.” He states the internal stakeholder must comprehend what is occurring outside of the workplace. It is essential that the leaders of the institute provide information, personally meet with employees at all levels, and be transparent with all files. * Tactic #2 – Behave with urgency every day: On page 98, Kotter explains, “a sense of urgency is an increasingly powerful, if not essential, asset in an increasingly fast moving world.” If we want our employees to behave in a specific manner, we need to assert that behavior. Leaders always model expected behavior. * Tactic #3 – Find opportunity in crises: On page 120, Kotter states, “A very different perspective on the nature of crises is described with a metaphor of a “burning platform.” In...

References: Kotter, J. (2008). A sense of urgency. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Press.
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