A Second Chance

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Sometimes I walk right to her face and she stares right throw me, as if I am nothing but glass. I’ve tried talking, pleading, and even yelling at her to get her attention, but that doesn’t even work. If I had the chance to take all of it back I would. My mother knew what she was talking about but I just chose not to listen.

I followed her up stairs and noticed that she was turning right, the exact same direction where my room was. My mom opened the door and at once you could feel the intense heat of the room. The windows were shut; piles of magazines were on my knight stand table where I kept my favorite book Frozen by Robin Wasserman. My mother took a deep breath and instantly tumbled to the floor. She began to weep and bellowed out my name “Sarah.” Immediately I knelt to the ground trying to console her, I knew that it wouldn’t help though. “Mom, please don’t cry look at me I am right here look at me!” She instantly turned to my direction, when our eyes met I thought “yes, that’s it just try a bit harder!” As she pulled herself together, she wiped off all the tears away from her face. I sat on the floor, feeling defeated and frustrated. How come she isn’t trying hard enough to see me? But then I realized it was because I was dead; robbed of my future and most importantly my mother.

“I am tired of not being heard; I wish none of this even happened!” With that being said I noticed something change, my vision began to blur. It had gone from light to dark in seconds. The room I was just in a few minutes ago looked nothing like this. The windows were open and all the blinds were pulled. All my clothes that had previously been lying on the floor were now folded neatly into stacks. “Am I…dreaming?” I said “No that’s not ” but I was interrupted with the sound of two people arguing....
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