A Season of Grace

Topics: Husband, Family, Marriage Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: August 23, 2013

Title of the Novel: A Season of grace
Author: NVM Gonzales
List of characters:
* Teodoro ‘Doro’ Agnas - the main character in story; a man from the Tara-Poro Island * Isabel ‘Sabel’ Agnas-the heroine in the story; Doro’s wife * Tata Pablo - the fisherman

* Nay Rosa - the wife of Tata Pablo
* Nay Kare-the midwife
* Epe Ruda -the stranger from the North; the rajero
* Santiaga Ruda- the wife of Epe Ruda
* Eloy-the firstborn of Sabel and Doro
* Porton- the second child of Sabel and Doro
* Blas Marte-the land owner; a farmer
* Manag Terak- the wife of Blas Marte
* Nana Ina-the mother of Blas Marte
* Clara-the small girl who watches the baby; a cripple * Ora Basion-the aunt of Clara
* Nong Tomas-the uncle of Clara
* Nong Jose-the stepfather of Clara
* Nay Pas-the mother of Clara
* Bibo and Ingay-the children of Nong Jose by his first wife * Black or Atom-the dog of Sabel and Doro

Setting: In the hills beyond the sitio of Bondoc where the Alag begins at Around October.

Plot summary:

It’s in the hills beyond the sitio of Bondoc where the alag begins, during rainy season which starts around May and ends late in September. Tress and Clumps of Bamboos and wild bananas are hurled down the river course by the flood.

The story is about the man Doro and his wife sabel, how their two babies were born and get into debt with Epe Ruda(Concessioner from “Batangan”) and of how,having gotten nowhere in their previous attempts,they decide to try again a new kaingin. Their debt became doubled and doubled. They tried to pay off the debt but nothing happens, they just became more sink into their debt.

Opinion(Literary Critisism):
It is a beautiful story of a husband and wife being sunk into debt and having their debts doubled and redoubled and how they made a way to settle things out....
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