A Scientific Romance: Death & Its Impact

Topics: Life, Earth, Education Pages: 4 (1423 words) Published: June 1, 2009

A Scientific Romance: Essay
Death & its Impact

Death is the eternal end of the natural functions that define a living organism. Death is something that can bring great effect on living beings in the world. The novel, A Scientific Romance written by Ronald Wright, depicts death having a great impact on existence in various forms. The main character, David Lambert experiences some forms of death and their overall impact on existence, through the destruction of Earth, diminishing education system, and the loss of loved ones.

The destruction of Earth has a great impact on the way of life. When David travels 500 years into the future, he notices substantial changes to the place he once inhabited. Almost everything is in ruins, with no sign of civilization, and only a deserted semi-tropical setting. Through extensive exploration, David soon realizes that it was humans that destroyed the Earth resulting in the deaths of millions of people and entire civilizations. The following quotation said by Skeffington to Anita portrays this,“ ‘Civilization is always a pyramid scheme. Living beyond your means. The rule of many by the few. The trick is to keep wringing new loans from nature and man.’ ” (Wright 66-67) Skeffington was explaining to Anita how human progress may inevitably cause the annihilation of human civilization and the destruction to Earth. In essence, he is trying to say that human progress will to lead to human destruction. This is exactly what happens to the world in the novel, and what may potentially happen to the Earth in the near future. It is global warming and pollution that causes the deaths of millions of people around the world, as a result of human advancement. Ronald Wright’s novel may actually parallel the future of planet Earth. If research collected by scientists is correct, the Earth will one day be unliveable with harmful UV rays from the sun, rising sea levels, extreme weather conditions, spread of diseases and so on. The effect...
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