A Safe Essay

Topics: Upgrade, Camera, Safe Pages: 2 (822 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Product essay By: Sheraz Farooq

Looking to keep certain items safe and sound? Why take a chance to lose them? In Canada, around 5,006,897 thefts and lost items were reported and thousands of dollars of items were lost and never regained. Our goal is to decrease the amount of thefts in not only in Canada, but the whole world as well. With the new revolutionary e-safe vault, we can make it happen. Then our trusted clients will never have to worry about losing their precious items ever again. With the world’s evolving technology, we have made it as secure as possible at an affordable rate. It does not need any batteries at all or it does not need any repairing. Also it can be used for not only home purposes, but also could be used for company use, and as well as for traveling purposes. This product would be one of the best product made of 2013 and give details on why to purchase this brilliant product. There will be three main points to this essay: what does the e-Safe do, the special features of it, and upgrades and services.

A regular safe happens to be originally used for special home use purposes and are overpriced. The e-safe can handle any type of purpose you might have such as company use and travel use. To store documents, jewelry, original files, discs, and much more. What we have done is we have created a safe which is made out of a couple of raw materials such as steel, iron (ingot), molybdenum, stone aggregate, ,and silver. With merging and fusing these items together, we made this amazing safe for a low and affordable rate ($29.99) to guarantee our clients great satisfaction. We all know the risks of losing certain items which cannot be replaced, especially for businesses and companies. For instance, companies and businesses rely on their special documents, original files, paper work and much more. Especially their business/company certificate. It would be horrible if that happened, this is why we’re making...
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