A Royal Salute to Common Wealth

Topics: World War II, United Kingdom, British Empire Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: December 3, 2013
When the British Empire and all of its colonies was broken up after the Second World War, the organization, the Commonwealth union, was founded. The organization consists of 54 independent member countries that are linked together by a common history and set of values, but by time the Commonwealth has been criticized for being an outdated and meaningless organization based on oppressive values. In his article “A royal salute to the Commonwealth” (2011), Peter Oborne responds the critique and gives an image of how an important and powerful role the Commonwealth will play in the future. Peter Oborne start commenting on Duke William and Duchess Kate’s first visit to Canada. Oborne followed them on their royal holiday when they visited Canada’s National War Memorial. The monument remembers the Canadian troops during the First World War and the Second World War, where they fought along with the British. Oborne perceive this visit as an affirmation of the still consisting link, which can be seen as a direct result of the Commonwealth union, between Canada and Britain. After the Second World War when the British Empire broke down, the Commonwealth union was founded as an organization. The former colonies agreed to enter into a united organization with the purpose based on democracy and human rights but because of the financial crisis, these unions have been under a lot of pressure in the recent years. Oborne argues that the political leaders of Britain must realize how applicable the union is to play as an alternative and important part in politics worldwide. Osborne´s main accusations are that the leaders of Britain the past years have ignored their obligations to the Commonwealth union. According to Oborne the British leaders had their difficulties of accepting the Commonwealth because they see it as an expression of the former imperialism “For many years it has been automatic in progressive circles to sneer at the Commonwealth as a meaningless relic of our imperial...
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