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Annotated Bibliography
Literary Analysis of
“A Rose for Emily”

Brett Wenzel

Writing for College

Mrs. Paucek

April 5, 2013
Annotated Bibliography

Thomas Dilworth
Melczarek, Nick. "Narrative Motivation In Faulkner's A ROSE FOR EMILY." Explicator 67.4 (2009): 237-243. Literary Reference Center. Web. 15 Mar. This summary of this analysis is good because they did analysis of “A Rose for Emily”. They did use much info for the Faulkner and was very useful. He had much information on Faulkner’s past and his novels. He did focus more on his Faulkner than the book.

The analysis of Faulkner was very in depth because the research did more research on Faulkner then the novel. Many of the other researches did more on the novel then the Faulkner. It can be good because seeing the background how Faulkner grew up so he wrote his novels.

I will probable plan to use this information to write my bio on Faulkner because it has the most information on him. Like some of the information has in many info has back story and how he was brought up in the world. I think it would be good to use for bio for Faulkner.

Burton R. Cuny
Getty, Laura J. "Faulkner's A ROSE FOR EMILY." Explicator 63.4 (2005): 230-234. Literary Reference Center. Web. 15 Mar. 2013. This summary is varied because they have many different things in the analysis. They didn’t really focus on one thing on their analysis and jump from on thing to the next thing in the story. They try to keep the flow of the analysis short but are longer then the rest.

The analysis is ok but isn’t the greatest because writer can not focus on one thing. Also the writer goes to fast in pace when analyzing the story. The writer does a good job telling what happened but doesn’t tell a good job of what was really happening.

I don’t really plan to use this in my analysis but I want to use it by seeing by how the story goes. I also will probable use this by making a rough draft on what I will make my analysis on. Finally I don’t think I want use it anyway in my analysis. Blyhe Hal

Blythe, Hal. "Faulkner's A ROSE FOR EMILY." Explicator 47.2 (1989): 49. Literary Reference Center. Web. 15 Mar. 2013. The summary for Blythe is very short in it’s analysis but is still good for writing another analysis still though. The analysis starts with talking about Faulkner’s life and how he lived and then it starts talking about the story and how it relates in the story. The analysis of the story is longer then the biography of Faulkner which is good because it gives good balance between the two.

When reading this the there are many differences in online Bibliography. This one was the shortest out of all of them, but it gave the most information too. It gave the most information to the reader it also gave much information about Faulkner and the story as well. Finally this one is very different because of how it was presented.

I will plan to use this one by probable using it my plot analysis so I can write a lot of information a about the story. I might also use this for the Biography as well too. Mary Arensberg
Arensberg, Mary, and Sara E. Schyiter. "Hairoglyphics In Faulkner's "A Rose For Emily"/ Reading The Primal Trace." Boundary 2 15.1/2 (1986): 123-134. Literary Reference Center. Web. 15 Mar. 2013. Mary’s Summary of the Novel was very deep in her writings because she had many connections to her life and to Faulkner. So when she was writing it was very connected throughout the analysis. She wrote on how Faulkner’s life and her life were similar and how it was connected to the book.

When reading the analysis I thought on each connection of the connected to each and made it better. Also her writing makes easier to read because of flow is nice and fast. Whenever she made a connection to the reading it was interesting to read about but was also good to know about. Finally this was very good...

Bibliography: Biography
William Faulkner was born on born September 25, 1897
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