A Rose for Emily: Sequel

Topics: English-language films, Truth Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Months had gone by since the passing of Emily, we didn’t know who to contact for her funeral, or even her belongings. After the incident in finding Homers body the house had yet to be examined fully. We had managed to find documents that had proof of Emily giving birth to a young child about thirty nine years back however. The baby was given up for adoption, but these papers led us to believe that somewhere Emily and Homer had conceived a child that is the rightful heir to this fortune.

It took a few weeks but we managed to track down Emily’s son. His name was now David, and although it was unknown to him, he was now the heir to Emily’s fortune. His parents neglected to tell him that he was adopted at birth, and they were not his real parents. After a few hours of explaining, we finally got to the point that his parents had died, and he is the next in line to inherit all that belonged to them. He was the only known child. David did not know how to take this news, his whole life he had been lied too, never to know the truth of his existence.

The next day David set out to visit the home that he had never been a part of. The townspeople didn’t talk about Emily much anymore. After the incident that happened in the top of her house, the whole town tried to forget about what happened. Everybody had their own opinions on what happened, but nobody was completely sure what was going on in that house. The overall judgment was that Emily murdered Homer. We neglected to tell David the whole truth however, but he wanted to search through the house himself. David told us that he wanted to see how his real parents had lived.

I agreed to show David to his house, and I followed him inside as he wanted to take a look around. David went straight upstairs and directly to the room in which Homer was found in his bed. The only part of the room that had been moved in the past 40 years was the body of Homer. I was forced to tell him what was found in the room. The explanation...
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