A Rose for Emily Essay 4

Topics: Difference, Similarity, Problem solving Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: October 15, 2008
Christopher Schofield 2/21/07

Essay # 2

In the short stories “A Rose for Emily” and “A Story of an Hour,” death is revealed as a solution to each of the protagonist problems. Two similarities are these two women both share a dilemma that referred to their husband or boyfriend, and they both wanted to be isolated. One difference is that Emily attempts to solve her altercation

Death is used as an escape for both of these characters. Mrs. Mullard really hates her husband because when she gets the information he is dead, she is relieved. Emily also has a predicament, but its with her boyfriend. Emily loves him; conversely, he wants to leave her. She murders him, to solve the problem of him leaving. This is how both authors use death as an escape root for each woman.

Isolation is another similarity these two woman share. The death of each male causes these women to be secluded from other contact. This is how these characters interconnect with another, through these stories. Mrs. Mullard is content, in relation to her husband’s death, but doesn’t reveal this. The author exposes the truth only to the reader, which made her feelings secret. Similar to Mrs. Mullard, Emily also wants to be separated. Emily murders her lover and stays alone so people wouldn’t find out. The murder kept her isolated from other contact. Even though they both encounter separate problems these characters have a strong comparison. These characters compare in many ways, although they still contrast to another somewhat. Emily chooses her lover’s own fate, unlike Mrs. Mullard. Since Emily’s man desires to leave, she murders him. From this he can’t leave, and his body stays in the house. Mrs. Mullard extreme dislike her husband, but doesn’t kill him. This is the key explanation these two women vary each other. These authors have death play the same role in these works of literature. The...
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