a rose for Emily dust imagery

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Binder, Aubrey. "Uncovering The Past: The Role Of Dust Imagery In A ROSE FOR EMILY." Explicator 70.1 (2012): 5-7. Academic Search Complete. Web. 17 Apr. 2014.


I the story a rose for Emily the author uses imagery to convey the story. When the town’s people find the rotten corpse of homer baron who was believed to have abandoned Ms. Emily long ago. When the body is uncovered there is a large accumulation of dust but it is Faulkner’s use of dust imagery that provides the key to understanding the role of the past. The slow  accumulation and obscuring nature of dust symbolizes not only how the passage of time and change “cover” yet do not erase events of the past but also reflect how the past is uncovered. Emily’s house also covered with an accumulation of dust takes us deeper into Emily’s life. The slow spinning of the sluggish dust mirrors the gradual uncovering of past influences. Although the town and its politics have changed considerably since the death of Colonel Sartorius. With Emily uncovers the past generation. Going into Emily’s house stirs up dust witch reflects years of the past. While in the house uncovering the secrets Emily has hidden is no simple task. With the entrance into the room Ms. Emily kept closed stumble upon the dead body of homer baron. The town’s people are in shock more than sad. Unlike memory and decay, some details of the past may remain undiscovered,

but they still exist. The final image in the story describes the discovery of a strand of Emily’s hair on the pillow next to Homer’s. As this discovery takes place, the narrator describes an“invisible dust dry and acrid in the nostrils”. The last sentences in the story suggest that the towns people will feel lasting influences from Ms.Emilys generation
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