A Rose for Emily Discuss Characterization in a Short Story Given.

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Assignment 1
Discuss characterization in a short story given.

A Rose for Emily
By William Faulkner

Characterization refers to the techniques a writer uses to develop characters in the story. In the story ‘A Rose for Emily’, William Faulkner uses characterization to reveal the character of Miss Emily Grierson, the main role. Faulkner’s use of language foreshadows and builds up to the climax of the story. He expresses the content of her character through physical descriptions, through her act, words, and feeling, through the narrator’s direct comments about the character’s nature, and through the actions, words and feelings of the other characters. Faulkner also uses the characterization to examine the theme of the story. His choice of words is descriptive, tying resoundingly into the theme through which Miss Emily Grierson threads herself emblematic of the effects of time and the nature of the old and new. Appropriately, Faulkner starts the story with the death of Miss Emily Grierson (funeral), and he flashes back to the near distant past and leads on to demise of a woman and the traditions of the past she personifies. The characters in this story make the plot exciting to be read and it all come alive. Without the characters role ‘A Rose for Emily’ would be nothing more then a history of a small town in the South, a place called Jefferson. The combination of all the characters is well connected and it makes the story interesting.

Characterization in ‘A Rose for Emily’
Faulkner begins and ends with the death of Miss Emily Grierson, the main character of the story. In the opening, Faulkner builds up his story with the funeral of Miss Emily. It is the evident on how the resident of Jefferson respected her because the “whole town went to her funeral; the men through a short respectful affection for a fallen monument, the women mostly our mostly curiosity to see inside her house.” Faulkner however, describes Miss Emily as the anguish of a...
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