A Rose for Emily

Topics: Narrative, Short story, Fiction Pages: 4 (1078 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Name: Robert Works
Date: 2/13/15
Teacher: Mrs. Sara Smith
Class: English Comp II
A Readers Interruption of “A Rose for Emily”
In the short story, “A Rose for Emily” we are presented with a unique narration method by William Faulkner. old lady who is rejected by society. We learn about the main character Miss. Emily through a collective point of view from many sources. Throughout the story the each narrator only has a partial point of view which tends to lead the reader into feeling that the entire story is narrated by various people in town. The prime example showing a collaborated narration is seen in the use of such words as “we”, “our”, and “they” when describing a feeling associated with Miss. Emily. During the entire story we are narrated by someone whether it be a single man or woman, but they are never shown as having a main character part nor do they have any direct impact on the story that is being told about Miss. Emily and her life. William Faulkner sets the mood that our main character is a part of the town, yet uses a collective narration to allow the reader to better see the isolation and separation that Miss. Emily has not only from the townspeople, refusal to change with the times, but from reality itself.

One of the other tools that William Faulkner used to show multiple narration point of views was by using symbolism and metaphor's to help describe Miss. Emily to the readers. One of the most memorable metaphor's used was when she was referred to as a “fallen monument”, this was in part due to the comparison that it was portraying between her and her father's house and her status that was provided through the “old southern ways”. The relation between her and the house refers to when Miss Emily was younger her father was always there, her protected her, and provided everything for her. She was a very well kept southern woman, but as time moved on and she aged and lost touch with reality her age started to show more. Where as with the house...

Cited: Faulkner, William, and M. Thomas Inge. A Rose for Emily,. Columbus, Ohio: Merrill, 1970. Print.
Works Page. 4
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