A Room with a View Character Analysis

Topics: Game, Play, E. M. Forster Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: February 21, 2010
In the second half of A Room With A View by E.M. Forster, the characters readily flout the rules of convention and disregard authority figures like Cecil as they enjoy themselves through games and other activities. Those characters, mainly the young people in the novel like Lucy, George, and Freddy, find themselves through pastime pursuits like bathing, bumble-puppy, an older form of tetherball, and tennis sans Cecil, whom they consider a killjoy, and the stuffy, proper social etiquette that he represents.

For example, when Freddy, George, and Mr. Beebe venture into the woods for a communal bath in the Sacred Lake without Cecil, they cast aside their clothes candidly for a refreshing dip in the pond. As soon as they jump in, Freddy and Mr. Beebe begin splashing each other and afraid of offending George, splash him "a little deferentially.” However, "all the forces of youth burst out" of George and he enthusiastically retaliates by “splash[ing],” “duck[ing],” and “dr[iving] them out of the pool.” Similarly, the men ignore their confining clothes which represent “civilized” society and its rules as they proclaim “Without [us] no enterprise shall begin,” and enjoy a good roughhousing in the woods. Contrary to the three naked men, Cecil, when he spots them with Mrs. Honeychurch and Lucy, immediately “feels that he must lead the women away” from the scene as he ultimately conforms to the proper notion that the spectacle is “no business of [the women],” that it is all too improper for them and that they should be “minded” in following his authority.

A few days later, Lucy, Freddy, and Minnie take advantage of Cecil’s absence to play a short round of bumble-puppy which escalades into a playful scuffle between the three. Because of Cecil’s "absence" and since Cecil isn’t there to sigh at their “childish” game, the group is able to play freely any way they want, for "one did not play bumble-puppy when he was there.” Completely absorbed in the game, Freddy, who...
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