A Role Model

Topics: Demi Lovato, Martin Luther King, Jr., Anorexia nervosa Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: May 21, 2013
"A person whose behavior, example, or success can be emulated by others, especially by younger people" is a role model, by definition. Some people have their own meanings of a role model. To me, a role model is someone who inspires you to achieve something in life, someone who positively influences you and helps make you a better person, someone who is easy to relate to - whos shoes are easier to walk in.

The facebookers and twitterers of this generation look for role models with "good" qualities. What exactly is "good"? This is something that differs from person to person. According to me, "good" is being sincere by staying true to oneself. "Good" is having perseverance and being committed to making the right decisions. "Good" is being kind, respectful (through unbiased eyes), and having humility. A "good" role model is one we look up to and thus has the qualities of someone we would want to become.

Wht makes modern role moderns so distinct from traditional ones? If you look at Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr., they are obviously respectable people who are worshipped and looked up to as superheroes. As a part of gen Y, how many of us Are ready to lead our lives like them- to give up clothes, fast for weeks, live a plain life and take brutal punishments for doing the right thing? Not many, I suppose. Gen y respects heroes like Gandhi but their role models are people who they can relate themselves to. The people who have been in the same situations as us, who have beaten the odds through sheer willpower and have come out stronger are the ones who inspire us.

My role model is Outspoken, Committed, and Brave. She is Demi Lovato- (singer/actress). At the age of 20, Demi has experienced more in two decades than one experiences in a lifetime. Making her big break in 2008-2010, Demi immediately became an overnight sensation. Soon, the pressure of being famous hit her. In November 2010, Demi checked herself into rehab for depression, bulimia, anorexia, and...
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