A Robbery at Knifepoint

Topics: Theft, Robbery, Victim Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: September 15, 2013
“Stop right there, or you will regret the consequences”, said a bold voice from behind as Rima tried to hurry towards her house. It was a dark, chilly night when Rima got a bit late at work. Not to mention the rickshaw and bus strike that day which made her walk down to her house. Rima’s house was located in a rather lonely area where after nightfall to walk into the street was like a cat going into a room full of dogs. Rima took larger strides and walked down the street quacking with fear. Suddenly, from a dark corner came out a man. On being threatened, Rima had to stop. She could see his shadow right beside her, she estimated that he was just two feet away from her, and was holding a knife in his hand. Rima had stopped dead in her tracks. She speechlessly turned around and put her hands up. The man looked dreadful, his blood-shot eyes, scarred forehead, contemptuous lips, bushy eyebrows and freckled skin all petrified Rima. Without uttering a single word, Rima threw the purse near the thief’s feet. The thief hurriedly took the purse and ran away. Rima heaved a sigh of relief. She ran home as fast as she could. On telling her father about the incident, he took her to the police station immediately. The police had got this kind of case reported twice, but unfortunately, the victims had not been able to see the thief. With the help of a sketch artist, Rima told them the exact description of the thief. After a week or two, the thief was caught. He even confessed that he was the one who had robbed the two people. The thief was imprisoned for 3 months, but the fear of theft continues t stay in the heart of Rima and many others who have been a victim to any deadly thefts.
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