A Review on India After Gandhi

Topics: Indira Gandhi, Indian National Congress, Rajiv Gandhi Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: February 14, 2011
India After Gandhi
The history of the world’s largest democracy


Ramchandra Guha

A review
Meenakshi Jha
M.A (Political Science), Final

As a student, I remember how boring history lessons were. When spoken about the history of India, we remember the great Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilizations or the mighty empire of Chandra Guptha Maurya; the feared armies of Ashoka and his Kalinga story etc etc… And the most important, the British invasion of India and the celebrated freedom struggle which holds a special place in our heart and the maximum number of pages in our history books, after which the books end. Ram Chandra Guha’s “India after Gandhi” takes the story further! To all those minds who have had a desire for knowing about the events, thoughts and ideas post independence that has shaped modern India, but feel that they have to reluctantly satisfy themselves with tid-bits of information in newspapers, television and internet, this book comes as a huge relief. The book takes off to narrate the history of the world's largest democracy where most of the history books end. This remarkable book tells the full story -- the pain and the struggle, the humiliations and the glories -- of the world's least likely democracy. The style Mr. Guha adopts is easy-flowing, conversational and thus reading the book is not a painful task. The book was chosen as the book of year by 'THE ECONOMIST', 'WALL STREET JOURNAL', 'WASHINGTON POST' , 'OUTLOOK' etc.

About the author…

Rama Chandra Guha was born in Dehradun in 1958 and educated in New Delhi and Kolkata .He has taught at the universities of Oslo , Stanford, Yale, Indian Institute of Sciences [Bengaluru]. He has been a fellow of the WISSENSCHAFTSKOLLEG ZU Berlin and also served as the Indo-American community chair visiting professor at the university of Berkley, California. After a peripatetic academic career, he settled down to become a full-time writer, based in Bengaluru. His books cover a wide...
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