A Review of a cochlear implantation article

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A Review of a cochlear implantation article
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The sensor neural hearing loss is a major cause of deafness in the world today. When Henry Skarkzynski and Robert Fayette carried one of the most interesting researches of our time the success of this exercise during cochlear implantation depends overly on the conservation efforts when the patients have high level of residual in the low frequency hearing. In the recent past however the technological developments have aided the efforts in research by a way of minimizing the trauma effects during the cochlea placement of the electrodes (Skarzynski & Fayette 2010). The cochlear idea has revolution in the way in the patients with the hearing problem are treated. These two authors explored this issue by observing over 22 human bones that were implanted by the doctors with help standard research array (SRA) with standard using surgical technique. This research was at reviewing of the insertion depth and the position of this electrode array inside and how the body reacts to it. This is one of the best articles of our time as it explores this thematic issue of cochlea problem and offers some new insights in the medical fraternity (Clark 2003). According to Clark (2003), it is estimated that a good number of people in the population over the problem of impairment in the understanding the speech during conversation. In the past, the medical fraternity has been using convectional ways which to me are not only ineffective but also this implantation had poor speech recognition even after fitted in the digital aids. Therefore this two scientific carried this issue on the issue of introducing the standard implant electrodes with the round window membrane. The gist of the matter on this research was to investigate when this was partially inserted to almost 20mm, electrode in the low frequency residual hearing that was located in the apical region of the...

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