A Research on the Effectiveness of Dental Braces

Topics: Orthodontics, Oral hygiene, Malocclusion Pages: 11 (3140 words) Published: January 15, 2013

A research submitted to the mid-school faculty of Victorious Christian Montessori School Foundation Inc, #323 Brgy. San Gabriel General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite

In partial fulfillment of the requirement for graduation

Giann Montebon
Roselyn Frias
Melissa Quiño
Lawrence Sean Aguallo

IV – James

S.Y. 2011 - 2012

Brace is an orthodontic appliance usually of metallic wire that is used especially to exert pressure to straighten alignment teeth. It is used to connect the alignment of your teeth and create a more attractive and healthier smile. Putting braces can be done by orthodontist. It also helps you keep your teeth, gums and oral cavity healthy. There are several types of braces: Lingual braces, Titanium braces, Smart brackets, Clear braces, and the most widely used brace are the Traditional Metal-Wired Braces. Orthodontic treatment will make your smile look fabulous. The fabulous smile will last for the rest of your life. Think about how a fabulous smile will improve your life. Teeth that are crooked or out of place (misaligned) affect the person chews and talk and how their smile looks. Crooked teeth are harder to clean and are more likely to have cavities. It can also cause pain and discomfort. Braces act like magnets for food, so you need to keep your teeth especially clean while you have them on. You'll want to brush after meals and be extra careful to get out any food that gets stuck in your braces. Those who have braces on their teeth have the problems like overbite, underbite, tooth spacing, crowding and malocclusion. These conditions may be caused by habits such as thumb-sucking, losing teeth prematurely and accidents.

This research seeks to answer the following questions:
1. How do braces work?
2. What are the benefits can braces produce to users?
3. Are braces used with limitation?

These study regarding dental braces will benefit the following: Students. This study will let them know the importance of their dental health. Researchers. This research can give them additional information regarding the use of dental braces. Teachers. The outcome of this study can help them encourage their students to observe hygiene and keep themselves orally healthy. Parents. This research can contribute knowledge about dental stuffs that will help them to take care of their child’s oral health.

The researchers focus on the study about the effectiveness of dental braces. They will also study on how it works and how to take good care of our teeth.
The study will be conducted at Victorious Christian Montessori School Foundation Inc., #323 Brgy. San Gabriel, General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite. Respectively, this research has started September 2011. The selection of respondents are only limited to the persons who are in the VCMSFI campus, specifically, only those students who wear braces in VCMSFI.

The commonly used terms in this research are the following:
Cavity.It develops when a tooth decays, or breaks down; is a hole that can grow bigger and deeper over time Clear Braces. These brackets are made of or plastic materials and function in a similar manner to traditional metal brackets. Dental Braces.Devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teethand help to position them with regard to a person's bite, while also working to improve dental health. Lingual Braces. Custom made fixed braces bonded to the back of the teeth making them invisible to other people. Malocclusion.Misalignment between the upper and lower teeth when the jaw is closed, resulting in a faulty bite. Orthodontist.Dentist (a doctor that works on teeth) who specializes in straightening teeth with things like braces. Overbite.- If you have this, you can stick your tongue between the upper and lower front teeth when the back teeth are...
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