A Research Brief on Registered Nurses Assignment/Workload for Two Teaching Hospitals in Kenya

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Registered Nurses Assignment/Workload

A Research Brief on Registered Nurses Assignment/Workload for Two Teaching Hospitals in Kenya
Kamau Simon Macharia
School of Science & Technology, Department of Nursing Sciences. University of Kabianga
P O Box 5, Kapkatet 20214 Kenya
Tel 0722224577 Email: symomash@gmail.com


Registered Nurses Assignment/Workload

A Research Brief on Registered Nurses Assignment/Workload for Two Teaching Hospitals in Kenya
Nursing is important in quality and safety of hospital care and in patients' perceptions of their care. There seems to be a close association between patient safety, undergraduate nursing students' learning with nurse staffing levels in Kenya. The Ministry of Health as well as the Ministry of education does not yet support changing nurse workforce standards for teaching medical institutions. This research brief targets the nursing units of Kericho District Hospital & Kapkatet District Hospital, teaching hospitals for University of Kabianga, School of Science and Technology-Departments of: Nursing Sciences, Clinical Medicine and Environmental Health Sciences. Purpose: There are a lot on staffing issues in research that could be applied in Kenya and staff might be interested in a staff-understandable review of what has been discovered. Therefore this brief sought to: establish the relationship between nurse workload and nursesensitive patient safety outcome indicators. This review focuses on the staffing issue on the effect of workload on patient outcomes or staff outcomes. The search spanned period of between 2003 and 2013. Workload/assignment: meaning the number of patients that a staff member can care for and complete all care safely. Safe: avoiding injuries to patients from the care that is intended to help them. Conclusion: Nurse managers ought to implement staffing processes that align staff skills and competencies with prioritized patient needs supported on a shift-to-shift basis. A fair and balanced patient assignment increases nurse satisfaction in their daily work. Key words: Nursing ratios, Kabianga, Research brief, Patient safety, Workload, RN assignment, Kenya nurses


Registered Nurses Assignment/Workload

Across the board observation of literature showed that there was a clear link between staffing levels and quality outcomes. The general policy by peri-operative grand round6 for example recommended standard for nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:4 or 1:5 on medical-surgical units, 1:3 or 1:4 on intermediate units, and 1:2 in intensive care units. It is difficult to imagine when this will be possible for the two Kenyan public hospitals below. Nursing Council of Kenya for recommends a minimum ratio of teacher to BScN students at Classroom 1:10 while that of a qualified nurse to BScN student in a maternity ward 1:2, surgical ward 1:4, ICU 1:1, Other wards 1:6.

The study sites
Kapkatet District Hospital is a level four hospital, in Kericho County. Operational wise it has 200 Beds and 17 cots. Services offered: Antiretroviral Therapy, Curative In-patient Services, Family Planning, HIV Counseling and Testing, Immunization, Eye clinic, ENT, Psychiatry and Orthopedics clinics. It is the teaching hospital for University of Kabianga School of Health Sciences about 2 Km away from the medical campus. It also hosts Kapkatet Campus of the Kenya Medical Training College in its vicinity which offers Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing and Diploma in Clinical Medicine.

It has one of the best e-health information technology LAN networks in the country. Although revenue issues, rather than clinical needs, seemed to have driven the investment in IT, sort of agreeing with Bates (2002) who observed that billing systems were generally much better than the clinical systems. The current nursing levels are 65 nurses for the whole hospital. Bed occupancy 88%per -90% month, daily admissions 40, average out patient Departments 3...

Bibliography: 1.
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses 2005, Web Site
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