A Report on a Language School

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A report on Blueberry Summer Language School

The aim of this report is to inform prospective international students about Blueberry Summer Language school in England.

The Fees
The Fees offered at the school were competitive. In addition, the school offered discount of 10% to siblings who wished to enroll. Included in the fees were the study materials, stationary and all the meals and accommodation. Students would have preferred if they could have paid the fees over three months instead of the compulsory half up front and half upon completion of the first month.

The Teachers
All the teachers at Blueberry Summer School are native speakers and have post-graduate degrees in English and Linguistics. In all lessons use was made of the latest technology including interactive smart boards and i-pads. The pedagogical approach is pupil centered and based on the communicative approach which emphasizes speaking skills. The teachers could be too strict and some pupils wanted to practice more writing and reading skills.

The Timetable
Lessons began in the morning after breakfast and continued in hourly intervals until lunchtime. Afterwards students went to the self-study center and do all their homework and assignments. There is a tutor on-site to help students. In the evening students can take advantage of daily excursions into the city of London on return dinner is served in the Mess hall before students retire to bed. At the weekends students can play sports and socialize with other students. Several people were of the opinion that six hours of lessons was somewhat excessive and would have preferred a less demanding schedule.

Size of the classes
Typically the size of the classes were small. Some students complained that they were too intimate and would have preferred slightly bigger classes to encourage dialogue and diversity.

The school is situated on the outskirts of London and students had to catch to the bus to...
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