A Report on Yamaha Motors

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Company Profile
Yamaha Motor company ltd. is a Japanese motorized vehicle-producing company, which was founded on July 1, 1955. Yamaha Motors manufactures and sells motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, outboard motors, personal watercraft, pools, utility boats, fishing boats, outboard motors, diesel engines, 4-wheel ATVs, side-by-side vehicles, racing karts, golf cars, multi-purpose engines, generators, water pumps, snowmobiles, small-sized snow throwers, automobile engines, intelligent machinery, industrial-use unmanned helicopters, electrical power units for wheelchairs, helmets, biotechnological production, microorganisms etc. The vision of Yamaha is to will establish YAMAHA as the "exclusive & trusted brand" of customers by "creating Kando" (touching their hearts) - the first time and every time with world class products & services delivered by people having "passion for customers". 4 Ps of Yamaha Motorcycle:

Product: Yamaha Motors sells a wide range of motorcycles in Bangladesh. As example, Yamaha FZ-S, Yamaha Fazer, Yamaha Enticer, YZ-F R15, Yamaha Gladiator SS, YZ-F R125, RX 115, FZ etc. Price: Yamaha motobikes are perceives as a high priced bikes in Bangladesh. The price of each bike starts from BDT 1,35,000 to BDT 3,70,000. As example, the model FZ-S 153cc is sold for BDT 2,04,000, Fazer 153cc is sold for BDT 2,15,000, Fazer 125cc is sold for BDT 1,45,000, Yamaha Enticer 125cc’s price is BDT 1,64,000, YZ-F R15 150cc is sold for BDT 3,70,000, RX 115cc’s price is BDT 2,75,000, Yamaha FZ is sold for BDT 2,00,000 and Yamaha Gladiator SS 125cc is sold for BDT 1,60,000. Place: Yamaha Motors does not have listed distributor in Bangladesh. But their products are imported to almost all divisional towns. Kornofuli Motors is the importer and distributor of Yamaha Motorcycles in Dhaka. Promotion: Yamaha doesn’t have any promotional activities in Bangladesh. The people, who get to know about Yamaha, know from the Indian TVC telecasted on Indian channels. In the Indian commercials, they use John Abraham as their brand ambassador.

Product profile

The product mix of Yamaha motors in Bangladesh includes a good number of latest models of motorcycles. As example, Yamaha FZ-S, Yamaha Fazer, Yamaha Enticer, YZ-F R15, Yamaha Gladiator SS, YZ-F R125, RX 115, FZ etc. some of their products are shown below:


|Yamaha FZ-S |Yamaha YZF R15: |Yamaha Gladiator SS: |Yamaha Fazer | |[pic] |[pic] |[pic] |[pic] |

Profile of the target market

Most of the products are designed to target specific group of customer. In this case to understand the sensitivity and the variation between the male and female respondents we have divided our total sample in two groups- male and female. Yamaha motorbike is such a product that can be brought mostly by male who are interested in buying it in the context of Bangladeshi people. From our survey we got 100% male respondents. As Bangladesh is a socially and religiously conservative, women are fewer users of bikes.

Graph: Gender

Marketing Strategy: Now a days, in our country most of the women who work in NGOs and involved in other field works use bike. Yamaha can target them and involve in more promotional activities to influence women to use bikes. They can also launch new models of bikes for women like Scooty-pep.

Age is the one of the most important factor to identify the consumers’ behavior towards Yamaha Bike. To find out the awareness about the Yamaha bike we ask questions to different age group of our sample to find out the variation of consumer behavior in different age. In our questionnaire we have divided the age groups in five segments- Below 19, 19-24, 24-30, above 30. From secondary sources and our knowledge we came to know that a large...
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