A Report on Shrimp Culture in Bangladesh

Topics: Politics of Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, Buddhism Pages: 3 (611 words) Published: March 21, 2011
1.2. Scopes and objective of the study: shrimp is one of the major bio-natural foreign exchange earners of Bangladesh. In order to improve balance of trade, the Government of Bangladesh has adopted measures that encouraged more people to enter the shrimp culture. The objectives of the study are as follows:

To make a clear idea about the contribution of shrimp in our economy. •To discuss a cotemporary Situation of Bangladeshi shrimp. •To have a clear idea regarding the production possibility and facility of shrimp production. •To cite a real situation of Bangladeshi shrimp in world shrimp market. •To identify the key problem of shrimp production in Bangladesh. •To develop recommendations for facilitating shrimp production that can goes a long way for shrimp export in the abroad 1.3. Methodology Of the study: Methodology is the core of a research to get fruitful result. The present study has followed the methodology it requires to accomplish it successfully.

The study has conducted on shrimp: production, export, prospect and overall shrimp culture practice in Bangladesh.

In order to better understand the problem under the study, at the elementary stage of conceptualization of issues and variables, certain secondary sources were consulted. These sources included relevant books, articles, and reports of international and national bodies, GOBs statistical year Book, Encarta DVD Reference. Most of the articles were reviewed and will be found in the review section and detailed addresses have been given in the Bibliography.

1.4. Limitation of the study:I have encountered several difficulties throughout the research process. Some of the difficulties are worth mentioning here for the future researcher’s n this issue to help them enable to overcome the difficulties:

One of the major difficulties was the time constraint. Time for this study was very limited. •This study forms a part of my academic curricula. Since I needed also...

Bibliography: Bangladesh 21000 100000 175
Diagram: Rate of shrimp production of some South-East Asian nations(1989)
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