A Report on Mahindra and Mahindra

Topics: Tech Mahindra, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Mahindra Group Pages: 13 (4074 words) Published: March 13, 2013
1. An overview of Global Marketing
2. Mahindra &Mahindra
a. Products and services of M&M
b. Major recent events
c. Major recent issues
d. Why Mahindra globalise?
e. Attitude towards globalisation.
3. Current economic condition of Cambodia.
a. why Cambodia?
b. Major natural resources of Cambodia
c. Major industries in Cambodia
d. Construction industry in Cambodia
e. Political environment
4. Business environment in Cambodia
a. Freedom to do business business
b. Freedom of trade
c. Fiscal freedom
d. Freedom from government
e. Monitory freedom
f. Freedom of investment
g. Financial freedom
h. Restriction in property right
i. Labour freedom
j. Bottom line of business
5. Construction equipment sector
a. Mahindra in in Cambodia
b. Mahindra Earthmaster Backhoe loader
c. Introducing Earthmaster Backhoe loader in Cambodia
d. Competitors
e. How Mahindra reduce cost of production
f. Relationship with suppliers
g. Availability of spare parts
h. Any time customer support
i. Free call centre facility
j. Use of modern satellite technology
k. Onsite service

l. Special offers for construction companies
m. Financing facility
n. You decide
o. Second hand assistance
6. Enhancing the expansion
7. E-marketing
8. Conclusion
9. Citation

Some interchanges that fulfil the needs of individuals or customers beyond national limit is called Global Marketing .This process is starts with finding of customers wants and then planning to satisfy those wants .People wants are not same .There are lots of dissimilarity like culture ,competition between companies ,rules and regulations ,geographical conditions different in different countries . Global marketing growing day by day because of advanced technology. Today internet links customers around the world .New transportation facilities creates easy transaction of goods and raw materials .The new transportation system reduces the cost of transportation than before and much faster and efficient. Emergence of new markets like South America, Africa and South East Asia, Increase of individual income around the world are the strongest drive for global marketing. The company that entering the international market must know the difficulties of marketing in different culture, advertising and sale, political environments and legal issues are different in different countries. International trade increases the economic condition of world economy .Products is available more cheaply than before, because of the low production cost. Countries sharing their interests and make economic treaties .This leads to an improved relationship between the countries. This is an important benefit of globalisation Globalisation reduces restrictions and regulation of production .This helps to increase the production .The verity of products helps the customers to choose the right product. Global marketing helps competitors to improve their efficiency and quality of products with lower cost. Globalisation helps to reduce the poverty. Counties which have low wage rate can produce product at lower cost. When the labour demand increases automatically salary also increases. MAHINDRA AND MAHINDRA Mahindra &Mahindra is an Indian multinational company. Its headquarters is in Mumbai .Mahindra and Mahindra formed by J.C Mahindra and his friend Malik Glulam Mohammed in 1945.After the independence of India M.G Mohammed went back to Pakistan and he became the first Finance Minister of Pakistan. After that K.C. Mahindra (brother of J.C Mahindra) jointed with his brother and they changed the name of company Mahindra &Mahindra in 1948. In the beginning M&M was a small steel company .In 1949 company...
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