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This internship program at The Prestige Constructions included three projects. Two of them in The Forum Mall and another one at the construction site of the Exora Business Park. The nature of these three projects is different from each other. Project 1:

The first project at the Forum Mall was to analyze the reasons for the fall in the sales of the gift vouchers of The Forum Mall and to come out with a promotional strategy as there was no priory existing one. The promotional strategy was of two different types, one for the indivusal buyers and the other one for the corporate buyers. This project also included a training secession for the marketing team present at the forum.

Project 2:
The second project was at the construction site of The Exora Business Park. This was actually to know the general management and also to know the format of the business carried out and also to know what measures were taken to comply the construction with respect to that of the client. Knowing the basic concepts of civil engineering, analyzing the follow up work and at last coming up with a printed format of the enquiry reply form to assist the marketing team Project 3:

The third project was again in The Forum Mall and this time it was to increase the loyalty of the customers via face book by conducting many contests etc. on the other side the in house brands would get a free space for their promotions in return to the free gift vouchers. Convincing the brands to take part in this program is also part of it.

Building up India
Outlook for India’s real estate markets

Above-average economic growth in India. Strong population growth, a large pool of highly-skilled workers, greater integration with the world economy and increasing domestic and foreign investment are expected to drive India’s real GDP by 6% p.a. over the next 10 to 15 years.

Services outsourcing revving up office demand. India is the prime destination for IT services outsourcing. In the coming five years, at least 55 million m² of extra office space must be completed in the premium office segment alone.

600 new shopping centres by 2010. India’s burgeoning middle class will drive up nominal retail sales through 2010 by 10% p.a. At the same time, organised retail is becoming more important. At present organised retail accounts for a mere 3% of the total; by 2010 this share will already have reached 10%.

By 2030 India will need up to 10 million new housing units per year. Rapid population growth, rising incomes, decreasing household sizes and a housing shortage of currently 20 million units will call for extensive residential construction. The financing of owner-occupied housing in particular holds out enormous market potential.

Capital market still underdeveloped. The total stock of commercial property is estimated at over USD 300 bn. So far the invested market accounts for only USD 4 bn of this. Capital market products, such as commercial mortgage-backed securities or listed property vehicles are still almost entirely lacking.

Heed risks. Property investments in India are not risk-free. Market transparency is far behind European or US standards. It is therefore vital for foreign investors to have a professional local partner. The lack of liquidity and upward pressure of pricing remain the main concern within the market.

Growth potential on India's commercial real estate market
Change in total stock, 2006 - 2010











Capital value (bn USD, rhs)Development area (m sf., lhs)

Sources: RREEF Research, DB Research


Fertility declining in India
Number of children per woman

1955-1960 1970-1975 1985-1990 2000-2005


Source: UN Population Division, medium variant2...
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