A reflective log of an assessment with a qualified nurse

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Child abuse Pages: 4 (2096 words) Published: November 2, 2014

. A reflection in the day of a continents reassessment coordinator. This reflection will be completed using the Gibb’s six point reflection cycle (1988).as this provides a suitable structure for the reflection. That Patient and other agencies involved in this case will only be known as Susan (not her real name) and carer agency, to maintain their confidentiality in line with the Data Protection Act as stated by the British Government (1998) and the Caldicott (1977) review and Information Governance Trust policy (2013). The reflection will focus on a safeguarding situation during a continence reassessment completed by the student assistant practitioner. Description

I was asked to complete a reassessment by a care agency dealing with Susan, four times a day on a regular basis. Susan was a 90-year-old patient with complex care needs, she had moderate onset of dementia. She lived with her son in the same family home for 60 years. The information gained from the carers was that the continence pads previously given were possibly no longer suitable. On arrival at the house, I introduce myself and explained the procedure of a bladder scan, before consent was given Susan looked for approval from her son. I asked Susan to follow me into the bedroom, to provide privacy and dignity, while completing the bladder scan. While in the patient’s bedroom, Susan’s son appeared (which startled me), Susan seemed quite anxious and upset, and her face had turned white, with his presence. He proceeded to justify bruising to the inside of Susan’s thighs, which raised concerns as I was not examining that part of her body. I completed the bladder scan and information gathering to add later into the patient’s notes. On my return to base the care agency contacted to enquire of my findings and asked my opinion of the son’s behaviour in relation to Susan. I explained the protocol of sharing information, with outside agencies, and that I would seek approval from my line manager. I reported my...

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