A reflection on Stakeholder Analysis

Topics: Project management, Management, Project manager Pages: 4 (1334 words) Published: September 20, 2014

Assignment 1 & 2

Discussion Participation and Facilitator Written Reflection

Prepared by:
Md. Mizanur Rahaman

Date of Submission: 23.05.2014

A. Name of the Article:

Jepsen. AL & Eskerod. P 2008, ‘Stakeholder analysis in projects: Challenges in using current guidelines in the real world’, International Journal of Project Management, vol.27. no.4, pp.335-343, viewed 08 May 2014, Elsevier SD Freedom Collection.

B. Introduction:

Stakeholder management is a part of quality strategy in any project. It is a challenge for any project manager to successfully manage the stakeholder. In that process first comes the analysis of the stakeholders. The article puts the current guidelines of stakeholder analysis into practice. The guidelines focus on three activities: identification and characterization of stakeholders and application of appropriate strategy to influence the stakeholders. The guidelines are in fact the conceptual framework rather than instructions. The authors explain that current guidelines provide useful information for the area to be covered by the project managers for stakeholder analysis. But it has limitations in identification of stakeholders and determining their importance. The article also expresses concerns over the competence of the project managers to go on with necessary inquiries. Moreover, it emphasizes on the importance on the intuition of the project managers for setting the goal to achieve.

The article raises one of the key issues of project management from the quality perspective. Our group members were very eager to go through the discussion and as the class discussion happened prior to our group discussion it helped us to have a deeper insight into the concept of the stakeholder analysis. Our key learnings are given below as required:

C. Three important issues:

There are some issues raised in the article which are important from a quality standpoint. Among them the most...
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