A Reflection on Bahamian Women

Topics: Marriage, Husband, Man Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: January 25, 2015
It is almost certain that in writing “Miss Annie” and “The Gaulin Wife” Patricia Glinton was warning Bahamian men to not take women for granted. The depiction of women on the two folk tales include humble, competitive, lonely, inquisitive, and fierce. Various of our Bahamian women have these traits. Hence, the stories are indeed a reflection on Bahamian women. “This loving husband made the garden for his wife Annie, who loved the beauties of nature, perhaps, because she was one of them. The writer uses a metaphor comparing Annie to the “beauties of nature” This is to describe how beautiful Miss Annie was. Imagery is also shown because comparing Annie to the beauty of nature gives the reader a sense of sight imaging you can see Annie being compared to the beauty of nature. This also ties the theme of “Man vs Nature”. “Annie was obligated to draw countless buckets of water from the well in the yard to keep a breast of her husband’s demands” The writer then brings out the theme suffering. This shows how Annie was forced to do such things to keep her husband happy, the writer shows that she had to do it because the word “obligated” was used meaning she was committed to doing what her husband says to do. The writer also shows not only how physically strong Annie was but also how emotionally strong she was to put up with her husbands’ demands, and also how only her one being a female and not having as much strength of a man to draw ‘countless buckets’ of water each day. “He got up from the table and rushed into the kitchen to find his wife, who usually ate her meals there to escape her husbands’ evil temper” This shows how wise Miss Annie was she knows that her husband has an evil temper so she tries to distance herself away from him. The writer also uses setting to show this because Annie would go in eat in the kitchen to escape her husbands’ temper. Which was also a very smart thing to do. “Annie’s life became unbearable. Her delicate hands were soon roughened by...
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