A reflection of Fools by Njabulo Ndebele

Topics: Novel, Dissociative identity disorder, Rape Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: May 26, 2014
A reflection of Fools by Njabulo Ndebele
In Fools by Njabulo Ndebele, we are shown a very interesting and complex character by the name of Zamani. In his novel, Ndebele portrays the constant trouble that Zamani is in very well. Ndebele portrays Zamani as not only the protagonist, but also as the antagonist. Zamani is interesting and complex because he seems to have so many distinct personalities. He has a compassionate personality that is shown when he saved Zani after he was stabbed, a regretful personality that is shown after he commits crimes and when he thinks about his son, and a clever and evil personality that is shown when he commits his crimes. Some people view Zamani as an African hero because he saved Zani and he also genuinely cares for the women in his life (Nosipho, Mimi, and Candu) even though he seldom shows it. To me, Zamani is not a hero. He has all of the potential to be a hero, but unfortunately I do not believe that he will ever be a hero. Zamani is the type of man that in spite of his good intentions and his good heart, always tends to cause pain to the people around him. I personally believe this is because Zamani is extremely impulsive and does not think his actions through. The relationship between Zamani and Zani is very complex. Zamani and Zani both seem to dislike each other while simultaneously showing interest in each other. We know that Zamani cares deeply for Zani because he saved Zani after he was stabbed. Then Zamani returned Zani to his home and tried to help Zani at the picnic. We also know that Zamani cares for Zani because Zamani yearned to see Zani after he found Zani’s letter. Throughout the novel I was under the impression that maybe Zamani saw Zani as the son he never had or maybe Zamani saw Zani as a younger version of himself. This could explain why Zamani tolerated Zani being so mean to him. I think that Zamani sometimes used Zani as a way to make up for his sinful past. He saw Zani as a chance to leave a positive...
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