A Reflection of Antoinette's Live

Topics: Ant, White people, Abuse Pages: 4 (1441 words) Published: December 13, 2005
Katie Powell
A Reflection of Antoinette's Life

One theme in this novel Wide Sargasso Sea is Identity. Antoinette's walk on a path that she is unfamiliar which is a representation of her trying to figure out her identity. Within the first few pages, her life story is told on one simple walk. "So I too left it and stayed away till dark. I was never long at the bathing Pool, I never met Tia. I took another road, past the old sugar works and the water wheel that had not turned for years. I went to parts of Coulibri that I had not seen, where there was no road, no path, no track. And if the razor grass cut my legs and arms I would think ‘It's better than people.' Black ants or red ones, tall nests swarming with white ants , rain that soaked me to the skin- once I saw a snake. All better than people. Better. Better, better than people. Watching the red and yellow flowers in the sun thinking of nothing, it was as if a door opened and I was somewhere else, something else. Not myself any longer." (pg. 16) The path that she decides to take, so vividly mirrors Antoinette's life, what she is feeling, and perhaps will be feeling later on in the novel. The first section in this passage mirrors Antoinette's life and what she is feeling through change. We see this in the fact that this day is different from the other days. She chose to do her routine differently. It starts out with her staying away till dark. She is staying away from everything else in her life that she deals with on a daily basis. One thing that she is fleeing from is her mother, just as her mother has been abandoning her. Antoinette is portrayed in the same likeness of her mother, so it would only be fitting for her to stay away until dark, just as her mother has been routinely doing. Antoinette is also getting away from the old plantation workers that harass her day to day. She is also choosing not to meet with Tia. Tia is a girl that is Antoinette's age; perhaps the...
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