A Really Bad DAy

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Have you ever had a really bad day? If so, have you done something to make it better? Or, have you just decided to leave it as a bad day? It is very possible that every single person have had experienced a bad day. For me, that bad day was on April 7th, 2011. Three major bad things happened to me that day. I had a lot of school work, stress at my work place and had an accident. For one I had a lot of school work to do for my three classes at IVC. The three classes that I am taking are: English 87, History 120 and English 97. In English 87 with Mrs. Lay, I had to do some practices on chapters 13 and 14 of the Vocabulary book: “Groundwork for a better Vocabulary, Third Edition.” I was really stressed out because at that time I didn’t had the book with me, and I had to research the chapters online. After researching the chapters online I had to study them but I had no time to do the practice because I was at work. I also had to do the Reading Lab practice/test online. It was very stressing because I had to finish block number three in less than one hour. Last I had to study chapter 5 of the book: “Groundwork for college Reading, Fourth Edition.” In History 120 with Mrs. Lopez, I had to do a three papers and one presentation. Those papers were about 3 to 6 pages long. It was very difficult and stressing to do them because I didn’t have any idea of how to describe what a book was about and how make biography. The first paper was about a book named “The Scarlet Letter.” That book is practically about a woman that didn’t have any rights. The other paper was a biography of Elizabeth Blackwell. I also had to finish a power point presentation about Elizabeth Blackwell that at least lasted ten minutes long. It was kind of difficult for me to do that because I had no idea of how to make a power point presentation and add sound or add videos. So I had to look into the internet to make sure I was doing it right. For English 97 with Mr. Simon, I had to rewrite a Frustration...
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