A reading of Gary Soto’s

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Mar 5th, 2013
A reading of Gary Soto’s
“Behind Grandma’s House”
The poem talks about main character that has intense craving for attention from family, friends, and even strangers. Because of this kind of intense craving, the character has hostile behavior, rebellious acts of misconduct, and a lack of respect for authority. The boy in “Behind grandma’s House” does so as a way to appear tough and intimidating. At the end of this poem, the Grandma finally shows up, and stops the boy.

In the first line, the poet gave us an idea that he was a ten year old boy, and he wanted fame. As he said, “I had a comb and two Coke bottles. A tube of Bryl-creem. I borrowed a dog, one with mismatched eyes and a happy tough.” A boy used his imagination to borrow a dog which had a strange face on it, because people could never “borrow” a dog from others. “A tube of Bryl-creem” was also an imagination of the boy. The poet showed us how imaginative he was, and ring back to my mind when I was a child; I did the same things just like the boy of this poem did. When I was around ten year old, I thought in the reality world, there were monsters at somewhere, and I would be the superman who could beat them. Therefore, I always “practiced” in my home, jumped on the sofa, threw the eggs as “weapons” to the wall, and did things oppositely that my parents who were the real “monster” in my world asked me to do.

In the fifth line, the poet said “In the alley, kicking over trash cans, A dull chime of tuna cans falling…………..to an imaginary priest.” These stories showed us what the boy did, because he wanted fame. The noises which he made could make a notice to people, and as a result of it, people would notice the boy. Therefore, he could reach his purpose. The poet wrote the real things, such as “kicking over trash cans” and imaginary things, such as “I said “Chale,” “In your face”, and “No way Daddy-O” to an imaginary priest” to show us a poor boy who was such naughty...
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