A Raisin In The Sun Socratic Seminar Prep

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Final Graded Discussion Questions for
A Raisin in the Sun Wednesday, March 25, 2015
In order to get full credit in the Graded Discussion (Assessment ­ basically your mid­term exam), you must complete each prompt in detail using quotes from the play as support where appropriate. Each answer must be at least three (3) bullet points. You may prepare for the discussion with a partner; identify your planning partner at the top of your discussion notes. 1.
What external factors hindered, or may have hindered, the Youngers’ achievement of their respective dreams?
How do faith and family help the Youngers to transcend external obstacles?
Who do you think is the head of the Younger family? Does this role change throughout the play? How and why? What signifies the switch?
What misconceptions does Walter have about being a businessman?
What do you think about the risk Walter took with the insurance money? Was it a worthwhile one? Why or why not? How can you frame this life­changing mistake in a positive light? 6.
How does Beneatha represent a new generation of American dreamers? What is she seeking beyond material success? See Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs
Maslow's Hierarchy of
How does the play develop the theme of progress, moving forward, in giant leaps as well as in smaller steps? What perspective does the character of Joseph Asagai bring with regard to progress?
Who are the idealists in the play? Who are the realists? Is anyone a well­balanced blend of both?
Using information from the articles linked below, what could the Youngers face in
Clybourne Park? Why did Mama avoid buying a house in an area designated for colored people? Did they make the right decision? Why or why not?

How does the poetry of Langston Hughes, “I, Too,” “Harlem,” and “A Song to a Negro
Washwoman,” connect to Hansberry’s characters and themes? Here are the extra readings that go

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