A Raisin In The Sun

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Traci Bryant
Dr. Price
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08 November 2013
Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun”
Frank Ardolino’s article, Hansberry’s “ A Raisin in the Sun,” states the main theme of the play is, “personal growth despite harsh social and economic opposition and family lineage” (1). Ardolino points out important metaphors within the play that have deeper meaning, not just the apparent overwhelming circumstance’s the main character’s go through while they strive to attain their dreams that appear to be out of reach.

Although the importance of family is an obvious theme, Hansberry intensifies the fact that those who are in severe poverty have to make hard decisions in order to survive. Ruth’s decision to abort her pregnancy due to the fact that there is not adequate space or financial means for the new baby is the greatest sacrifice. The last thing she is thinking about is the importance of a seventh generation of the Younger family. As for Lena the acting head of the household, she is determined to provide for her family. She is more concerned about encouraging moral values and supporting the current condition of her family, than whether or not she is going to have more grandchildren.

Ardolino makes reference to the Book of Ruth, stating, “the character Ruth resembles the biblical Ruth in her devotion to her mother-in-law” (1). Although there is some resemblance, for instance how Ruth is devoted to Lena, Ardolino’s article seems to focuses more on the story of Ruth rather than what the Book of Ruth is really trying to convey. In the bible, the Book of Ruth is a tale of loyalty and love. The crucial points are faithfulness, compassion, respect, protection and redemption and seem to be the main theme of Hansberry’s play.

Lena remains faithful to her family and to God throughout the play, regardless of the hardships. When Beneatha begins to question her belief in God by stating “God is just one idea I don’t’ accept” (Hansberry 1926). It is her mother who brings her...

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