A Question Paper on Operations Management

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MGS 4700 Operations Management Exam 1 (Sample)


Exam Instructions: Do not open the exam until you are told to do so.  

Calculators are allowed (and encouraged) One “cheat sheet” per person is allowed o Must be 8.5” by 11” or smaller o Must only have writing on one side

Academic Integrity: Cheating on examinations involves giving or receiving unauthorized help before, during or after an examination. Also includes allowing another student to view one’s own examination. Violations of this nature will result in student(s) receiving a “0” on this exam and subject to possible dismissal.

*************The exam lasts 90 minutes**************


An effective design is one which__________ a) satisfies customer requirements b) facilitates manufacture of the product c) sells in the marketplace d) all of the above


Service factory can be characterized as__________ a) low customization/high labor intensity b) low customization /low labor intensity c) High customization /high labor intensity d) High customization /low labor intensity


Which of the following helps eliminate unnecessary features and functions during product design? a) VA b) DFE c) DFM d) DFA

4. Regarding strategy deployment, which of the following is false? a) Policy deployment translates corporate strategy into measurable objectives. b) Implementing strategy can be more difficult than formulating strategy. c) In balanced scorecard, only financial measures are used to assess performance. d) Policy deployment is also known as hoshin planning. 5. A feasibility study consists of___________ a) a market analysis b) an economic analysis c) a technical/strategic analysis d) All of the above 6. A type of process flowchart that emphasizes customer interaction and service-related terms is known as _______. a) b) c) d) 7. a service blueprint a process flowchart a layout design an assembly chart

In service design, _________outline expectations and requirements for general and specific customers. a) service concept

b) service package c) delivery specifications d) performance specifications 8. Regarding the characteristics of services, which of the following is false? a) Services tend to be decentralized and geographically dispersed. b) Services can be easily emulated. c) Services are consumed less often than products. d) Services have higher customer contact. 9. __________consists of combining standardized building blocks in a variety of ways to create unique finished products. a) Simplification b) Modular design c) Final design d) Maintainability 10. Which of the following refers to comparing a product or process against the best-inclass product? _______ a) cluster charting b) benchmarking c) reverse engineering d) concurrent design

.95 .95



Using the above data, what is the system reliability? _______ a) .0001 b) .7290 c) .8379 d) .8541


Product reliability can be improved by all of the following except_______ a) simplifying the product design b) improving the reliability of individual components c) adding redundant components d) ensuring that form design dominates the final design

13. Which of the following is not part of market analysis in a feasibility study? a) focus groups b) cost/benefit analysis c) interviews d) customer surveys 14. In an assembly operation at a furniture factory, six employees assembled an average of 450 standard dining chairs per 5-day week. What is the labor productivity of this operation? _______ a) b) c) d) 15. 90 chairs/worker/day 20 chairs/worker/day 15 chairs/worker/day 75 chairs/worker/day

Form design refers to_______. a) how the product will perform b) how the product will look c) how the product will be made d) how easily the product can be maintained

16. Regarding quality function deployment (QFD), which of the following is false? a) QFD uses a series of matrix diagrams that resemble connected houses. b) QFD translates...
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