A Proposed Online Student Information System

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A. Title: A Proposed Online Student Information System: Baliuag University-School of Information Technology Education (SITE) Department

B. Proponents
Leader:Irish Mae P. Santos
Members:Melanie A. Lajom
Bryan Allan Francisco
Katherine Y. Simbulan
I. Intoduction

A. Background
The development of the information communication superhighway has been a buzzword in all aspects of human endeavor be it globally or locally. To keep pace with the trends, the Philippines sees the need for the development of the national capability to harness information technology (IT) in boosting the productivity of business, industry, law, medicine, military, education and other sectors of society (Librero: 2001).In the field of education, researchers and theorists have focused intensively in recent years on examining the concept and use of information to assist administrators, advisory boards and program developers and planners. Others have raised and discussed fundamental issues and uses of school information systems to facilitate judgment and decision-making in the school. Schools, like any other organization, need to manage all sorts of data and information to ensure attainment of it goals and objectives. The emerging need in most schools for accurate, relevant data and reliable information strengthen the educational management information system. Now it is the vital role of the Baliuag University to justify its present concern for an efficient management of information communication technology in its mission to serve society better. The study will seek to answer the following problems encountered; what is the current status of the student information system of Baliuag University? And it also tries to identify the services that the university can offer in terms of communication information, data information management, efficiency in management resources? And lastly it tries to answer the factors that affect the current student information of Baliuag University? The importance of the study is to help the faculty members in handling grades and other task in more accurate and can be assured that all data is secured, for parents, to provide them meaningful, consistent and timely data information and to help them monitor their children’s grade and attendance, for students, to provide them an easy access on their grades, attendance, curriculum, schedules of their professor and their personal information. B. Statement of the Problem

The study intended to identify an Online Student Information System: Baliuag University-School of Information Technology Education (SITE) Department. Specifically, it aims to answer the following questions:

1. What are the important features of the Proposed Online Student Information System for the Baliuag University: SITE Department? 2. What is the current status of the student information system of the Baliuag University: SITE Department? 3. What is an online student information system?

4. What is the effectiveness that this study may contribute?

C. Objectives of the Study
The researchers’ main objective is to develop an online student information system for the SITE department of Baliuag University. 1. To identify the important features of the Proposed Online Student Information System for the Baliuag University: SITE Department should have. 2. To distinguish the current status of the information system of the Baliuag University: SITE Department. 3. To create a system that will allocate the other people regarding this study. 4. To generate a system that will assists the parents and students about different concerns (like academic status) and to provide a system that will serve as a form of communication between the university and the parents. D. Significance of the Study

The following persons are hoped to be benefited by the system: School. This will reduce data collection on the school and also, this will increase the school’s capacity to follow...

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