A Proposed Library System

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*A Proposed Library System
Computer is one of the important equipment today. There are many use of computer such as it serves as a tool for solving different problems like billing, reservation of airtime and transportation and many others. Through this we can make work easier and it will minimize the use of paper materials. The XXXXXXX had experience problem in making different transaction of barrowing and returning of books for it uses a manual procedure in accomplish such report. The computerized Library System has a great effect especially to all the faculty staff and students of XXXXXX because it will increase the work level of proficiency using the computerized library system. It has the ability and capability to store and retrieve important data with regards on the record of borrowing and returning of books of the student. The proposed system focused on the characteristics of every field from their corresponding uses. It has also structured database wherein a data were served on a particular data fields. The computerized library system has a great effect specially to the Librarian, Teachers and Students in their borrowing and returning of books. This will only need implementation in the future. SCOPE AND LIMITATION

The study entitled the proposed Computerized System of XXXXX featured the automated library system. The program design from the proposal is focused on the borrowing and returning of books, viewing the different available titles of books for borrowing, updating the different books borrowed and making summary report of day-to-day transactions as borrowing and returning. LIMITATION:

The system will focus only the process of borrowing and returning the books, for borrowing the books is exclusive only for the students and council. DEFINITION OF TERMS
To have a better grasp of the study and a deeper understanding of its scope the following terms hereby defined: COMPUTER: a programmable machine that stores and retrieve data and performs high speed logical and mathematical operations. DATABASE COMPUTER: specially designed computer that contains a customized operating system and the run time components of DBS. DATABASE MANAGEMNET SYSTEM: a software application used to create, maintain and provide controlled access of user database. DATABASE: a collection of specific related information.

DATABASE APPLICATION SYSTEM: data, definition, stored data transaction, screens, reports and other programs needed to capture maintain and present data from a database. ACCESSION REPORTS: a report of original acquisition of book, journals and magazine. COMPUTER SYSTEM: the hardware and software that can interact with a particular computer. INFORMATION: data that have been processed and presented in a form suitable for human interpretation often with the purposed of revealing trends of patterns. LIBRARY: it is a place at school as to universities for studying reading and searching which contains different materials for borrowing. LIBRARY COLLECTION: this refers to the information needs of the students library uses including information resources. CIRCULATION: (library science( the count of books that are loaned by the library over a specified period library science – the study of the principles and practices of library administration. BIOLOGICAL DATABASE: are libraries of life sciences information, collected from scientific experiments, published literature, high-throughput experiment technology and computational analysis. SOPHISTICATED: systems and objects are complex and tough to understand. MUMLS – The purpose of NLM’s Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) is to facilitate the development of computer systems that behave as if they understand the meaning of the language of biomedicine and health. MACROMEDIA FLASH: is a software device for developers who want to make animated interfaces for the web or simple animations. LINEAR NETWORK: a network in which the parameters of resistance, inductance and...
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