A Proposal to Increase Public Space Area

Topics: Sidewalk, Pedestrian, City Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: October 17, 2000
By increasing public space in this area, shopping along the strip can take place without the disruption of traffic, commercial industry already located along the beach will profit. More people that are frequenting the beach simply to go to the beach will be attracted to the shops that emanate colour, vibrancy and seek out the curious. This will also create an opportunity for parents to take their children out for gatherings with other friends, create more relaxation while doing errands by having objects of play nearby for the children's amusement allowing children to be amused rather than bored. "These "Spieldpunkte", as they are called, (focal points for play) serve as gathering points, bringing people together, and affording children the opportunity to play, not in segregated playgrounds, but right in the midst of the city. These objects may be encountered as parents take their children to do various tasks and errands they need to do. This strategy, of course, can only be adopted by cities that have pedestrians or traffic calmed city centers." (The good city for the children, 99) The current set up doesn't allow for parents and children to enjoy themselves equally in their differences of age, there simply isn't room. With the removal of cars along Marine Drive, children will be safe to wander within their parent's vision to play. Wider sidewalks will provide better capacity for pedestrians, increase the amount of pedestrians therefore creating more visitors to the various shops. This will also keep people from wondering onto the already thin streets, reducing the risks caused by traffic.
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