A Profile of David Parker Ray

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior Pages: 7 (2879 words) Published: December 14, 2008
Part I. One of the elements that could be found at the crime scene are two circles of salt (Holmes, 2002). The investigator should be well aware that the circles of salt, or any amount of salt found at a suspected ritualistic crime scene, would be a sign that a satanic sect of a devil worship cult could be involved (Holmes, 2002). Bowls of salt of different colors may also be found around the altar. The colors of the salt, as well as banners and other symbols, all have specific expressed meanings (Holmes, 2002). For example, the color black expresses darkness, evil, night, Satanism, or occult and the color blue expresses tears, water, sadness, and pornography. Another element that should be looked for are candles, candles compromise an important role in satanic ritual(Holmes, 2002). As stated in the Holmes text, black and white candles are used by Satanic sect members(Holmes, 2002). Never more than one whitecandle is used(Holmes, 2002). Furthermore, wax drippings found at the ritualistic crime scene may serve as proof of Satanic involvement (Holmes, 2002). If the candle wax is found in colors other than black or white, then It can be assumed that the participants are part of different types of worshipers (Holmes, 2002). The third element that investigators should seek is the different Satanic Symbols (Holmes, 2002). Drawings of a hexagram or the inverted pentagram may be present at the crime scene(Holmes, 2002). The pentagram or hexagram is always enclosed by a circle, which serves as a protective device from harm and danger from the demons(Holmes, 2002). The satanic alphabet may also be present, with the letters drawn on the ground to spell a prayer, statement, or warning (Holmes, 2002). One type of pedophile is the situational type child molester, within this category falls the Morally Indiscriminate Child Molester (Holmes, 2002). The morally indiscriminate child molester is an abuser of all available persons (Holmes, 2002). Children are just another category of victim for him/her (Holmes, 2002). It is highly unlikely that children are preffered as sexual partners with this type of child molester (Holmes, 2002). This offender has a basic motivation toward sexial experimentation (Holmes, 2002). He is a “try sexual”, that is willing to try anything (Holmes, 2002). He may be involved in all types of unusual types of sexual practices, such as mate swapping, bondage, and triolism (Holmes, 2002). He may involve his own biological children, or children by marriage in these sexual practices (Holmes, 2002). Therefore, as we can see, this molester does not have a sexual preference for children in particular, they are just simple “there” (Holmes, 2002). Another type of pedophile is the Preferential Child Molester, the Mysoped child molester and killer is one of the most dangerous (Holmes, 2002). He is a sadistic pedophile that has made a direct correlation between sexual gratification and personal violence (Holmes, 2002). Typically, this type of molester is a male, and has made a vital connection between sexual arousal and fatal violence (Holmes, 2002). His victims are typically strangers, it also appears that this offender may stalk the child rather than use any form of seduction (Holmes, 2002). The mysoped will often abduct a child from places where children gather, such as schools, malls, and other such places (Holmes, 2002). After the abduction a scenario begins that includes pain inflicting pain on the child, followed by the child’s death (Holmes, 2002). This type of offender is only interested in causing harm and death to a vulnerable victim to whom he feels greatly superior (Holmes, 2002). As for interview strategies that should be used in these cases the type of offender should be taken into consideration. For the morally...
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