A Professional Failure

Topics: Management, Project management, Learning Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: August 26, 2009
In my 2nd year after graduation, I experienced my 1st failure project in my career.

At that moment, the company wanted to implement a world-class production planning system in related department, including Industry Engineering, Sales and Marketing to make quickly response to more variable market. I was assigned as a representative to help vendors to finish the implementation. In the following 3 months, I learnt a lot of advanced structure about work flow and spent most of time into this project to push it online as soon as possible. Although the system, which worth over 100 thousand US dollars, was finally released, it is actually a failure one because its effect to my company was far from the initial expectation. Although I am not the leader of the implementation, as a member of the team, I needed share the responsibility for the failure and loss of the project.

When I look back into it, there are many mistakes during the implementation progress. That the project was lack of central control was the serious one, leading to the changing requirements, the different data format and endless arguments between departments. The technology team from vendor tried their best to meet our changing requirement without complain, but the software was too complex for the maintainers to use in the daily work in the end. Furthermore, the result after it simulated was far away from the actual world and was useless.

The most important thing I learned from this experience is the key role of a project leader, a person who could select the right people in the team, coordinate the relationship between client team and technology team, monitor the progress to ensure not shift to the target. Without such a leader, although we had world-class technology team and emotion, this project finally failed. The particular experience is important to me because I am aware that I am lack of project management skill to maximum my solid technology skills to well sever my clients. This is a...
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