a problem now in honolulu

Topics: Hawaii, Parking, Maui Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: December 5, 2013
In honolulu now, i think that the traffic is a huge problem, people in many places could not grt to places on time, because of the traffic. The is too much cars and too less road. "Rush hours and weekends where there is an event of some kind going on – are a real nightmare and you’ll not want to live far from where you work unless you live in downtown and work in Kapolei or somewhere else there is no traffic. Traffic goes toward the downtown and Waikiki areas in the morning and away during evening rush hour" Driving to work will be a big problem, because as you are driving, all the other people are also getting to their work place. "Not that bothered. Hawaii traffic can really get some in a tizzy though. It’s atrocious during rush hours on Oahu. On Maui – not a big deal, small spots of traffic during rush hour in Kahului. On Kauai – traffic is non-existent, ditto that for Molokai and Lanai. On Big Island I can’t say – but I haven’t heard that it’s anything like Oahu" Parking is also really hard at the tourist places like waikiki. "For instance… drive down to Waikiki to swim at “The Wall”. There is a parking lot close to it – and it’s packed every weekend, and weekdays too unless you get there before about 9 am. There are parking meters. You’ll get just 10 minutes for 1 quarter (or less now). There is a maximum of 2 or 3 hours you can stay before the meter runs out. If you happen not to remember the meter is running out as you’re bodyboarding, bodysurfing, surfing, sunning, or whatever you’re doing – you’ll get a $35 parking ticket the very instant the meter expires because there are meter-maids camped-out at that parking lot trying to earn their daily pay. The parking situation in town is quite bad, and you should expect to pay every time you park. You won’t have to – but, if you expect it – and then do not have to pay sometimes – you’ll be in a better mood. Oh, one more thing – if you park on private property – your vehicles will be towed very quickly –...
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