A Problem in Parenting

Topics: Parenting, Childhood, Corporal punishment in the home Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: April 11, 2011
A Problem in Parenting
Some of the most difficult challenges for parents today are their children’s behavior problems and how parenting styles affect child development. It’s important for parents to understand the changes that a child goes through during each phase of development. One thing that parents need to realize is that after each phase of development, rules need to change along with it. This is because children become more independent as they get older, and different parenting styles are needed for different ages.

One of the biggest problems in parenting and discipline, is parents may choose physical punishment to stop certain behavior. One drawback for this is that although the punishment stops bad behavior for a while, it doesn’t teach a child to change their behavior altogether. Discipline is really just teaching a child to choose good behaviors. If the child is not aware of a good behavior, they are most likely to return to the same bad behavior. The US Department of Health & Human services reports “142,000 children are seriously injured from Corporal punishment every year in this country, 18,000 of them are permanently disabled. Between, 1,000 to 2,000 children die each year in this country alone from Corporal punishment. Nearly 70% of child abuse cases in CPS agencies result from corporal punishment. The defense of "discipline" is raised in 41% of homicide prosecutions when parents "accidentally" kill their children. 99% of people in jail were Rawson 2

corporally punished.”
In the article; Parenting Style as Context: An Integrative Model, by Nancy Darling and Laurence Steinberg, it explains different arguments as to how parenting affects how a child develops emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and even physically. One main argument is that there are any parenting styles that were most effective than others. The study of specific parenting practices and the study of global parenting characteristics were used to help determine which parenting...

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